Damp walls after a damp proof course?


One question we regularly get asked is why walls are damp even if a contractor has installed a damp proof course.

The common issues why walls are damp even after treatment are:

  • the injection system was incorrectly installed
  • plaster was not removed at the time of the injection
  • treatment undertaken was misdiagnosed and therefore the issue will remain/reappear later
  • a different form of dampness is now making the wall damp

Sadly most of these come by choosing the wrong contractor as most of these are avoidable as they are either surveyor error or technician error.

In such occasions the first thing that we recommend is to seek the original contractor to revisit the property to carry out a survey.  Please be aware that most  companies will request a fee to carry out a survey (us included), but all should refund any fees should a fault be found with the work.  It is advised to check warranty paperwork to read their terms and conditions to avoid any confusion.

They should carry out a survey to assess the reasons why the wall is damp, using a moisture meter and also to do destructive tests that will establish a moisture content of masonry. Providing a report as to the cause of the damp and hopefully correct the fault – if the fault is a result of their work.

If in the event the original contractor is not responding to your communication or they have ceased trading, then it is advised to seek a contractor that is in recognisable organisations to give you the peace of mind thorougher survey.  Ideally check if they are able to offer insurance backed warranties for their work (companies that can offer insurance backed warranties have been assessed that they can undertake the work correctly – and more importantly the homeowner is protected in the future in case the company chosen ceases trading).

If our company is contacted we will happily provide a survey and take readings and masonry samples.  A report would be issued as to our findings and any associated costs involved.

I hope that this blog was useful and should you require any further information please do not hesitate in contacting us.

Thanks for reading!

For further details you can call our advice line on free on 0800 859 5181 or drop us an email to enquiries@cannoncontractors.co.uk