Repointing – The importance of it

What is pointing?repointing needed

Pointing is the mortar around bricks in a wall that holds structure and ensures weatherproofing. Bricks are built to last a long period of time however, mortar is sadly not. Repointing is therefor key when the mortar is crumbling.

Why should I have my walls repointed?

Mortar is a crucial facet of your home maintenance and shouldn’t be ignored. As well as being a fundamental structural role, it is your properties main defense against water ingress. The mortar can account for around 15 per cent of the overall surface area and does impact the quality of your wall.

How do I know if my walls need repointing?

If you can see cracks in your mortar, or if there are gaps then this is when it is time to think about repointing your home.

Can I repoint walls myself?

You may want to consider getting a builder in, as it’s a time-consuming task and some areas can be hard to reach.

Is it only weathering that can affect pointing?

No, the wrong mix of mortar can cause problems in both the mortar and the stone itself. If the mortar mix is too strong, it allows less evaporation, any moisture in the wall will have to evaporate through the stone. This increases the likelihood of salt related defects. Stronger mortars are relatively brittle and are prone to shrinkage and cracking. This also increase the likelihood of rain penetration and eventually could lead to penetrating damp.

5 Tips to Finding The Right Tradesman

Finding the right tradesman for the job might seem like a nightmare task. Here are our 5 steps to make sure you choose the right person for the right job!

1. Make sure they are legit

There are many unethical operators out there. It is always a great start to look into the companies appropriate accreditation. If a company is going to go through the trouble of doing that, then there’s a strong probability that you have found a good-quality contractor.

2. Look at reviews/references or past work

Take a look at companies websites and reviews online. Cannon is a member of Checkatrade, we believe that Checkatrade is a great way of finding the right tradesman. Checkatrade provide reviews from previous customers for each company member and even provides broken down ratings which helps to show companies that don’t show up on time, don’t achieve the customers’ expectations and even tradesmen that don’t clean up after themselves. Take a look at some of our reviews.

3. Get a proper quote

Make sure you always get a written quote. Sometimes when receiving a quote, reading through page after page can make you lose interest quickly. Make time to read it all, even the bits that tell you what is not included, what happens before the work starts and what to expect once the work is finished. You may think the quote is long and drawn out but the more information provided the better.

4. Shop around

It is recommended to always get a few different quotes. Although it is important to remember that the cheapest quote is not always the best! Collate your quotes together and compare what you get for your money. Sometimes the old saying “you get what you pay for” is right. If the price is trimmed back you have to ask yourself what they are shortcutting to make that total.

5. Always in writing

Cannon believe that a written contract or quote is a sure bet in making sure the job is done on time, on budget and exactly how you want it.

Thinking of having a Cellar Conversion?

It is a simpler process than you think!

cellar conversionDo you have a cellar and a little bit of imagination and vision?

Cellar conversions are growing more and more in demand and here’s a few reasons why!

The main reason is because the majority of people could use more space or better still, an extra room! Another reason is because the stress and mess caused by either an extension or having to move from your home, however, a cellar can be converted easily and affordably into an extremely comfortable living space to suit each individual’s needs! So, whether it’s simply a utility room, playroom, study, gym or just another living area for a growing family it is worth getting a surveyors visit and doing a little research as you may be pleasantly surprised!

Initial Survey

On your initial survey, this is a great time to talk to the surveyor about what you wish to achieve. Discuss how you want to use the area you have working with the room size, shape and levels.

Design and Planning

The great news is that it is rare for a cellar conversion to need planning permission unless there is any large changes to the area or if you are planning to fit cellar light wells which change the appearance of the house.

High-quality planning is essential for your basement conversion project and what we find is that once the surveyors visit is complete and the plans are drawn up, it does take regular communication until the exact requirement can be reached before the building work commences.

As for designing the area (the fun part), this is where you need to put your creative hat on. Think about how the space would work for you. How you want to style your new room. Important features like lighting (which is key to any room), need to be explored. Obviously, if there are windows they need to be used to their full potential for natural light or you could maybe consider having some cellar light wells or light tubes installed. Height restrictions can play a part with basements, so keep that in mind when choosing fittings.


A cellar conversion in our experience usually takes 10 – 15 working days to complete and as before, every conversion is unique depending on the customers’ requirements. If you use a contractor like ourselves, we organise and undertake everything from underpinning the structure, cavity membrane, plumbing or electrics. So all the planning and organising is left to us.


The fit out of the cellar will leave you with a waterproof, plastered room with electric and fully fitted plumbing services if you required. The plaster will have to be left for a period of 14 days to thoroughly dry out before any paint is applied. From experience, most customers like to be left with a shell to decorate leaving them to style and dress the room as they like.


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