Replacing Windows and Advice

Whether your changing your windows for energy efficiency or just to renew the look of your property here’s 5 fact to consider before you buy…..

  1. As renovators we know, that solid wood windows sold today do not stand up as highly to the elements as the wood used years ago. Baring this in mind you may want to consider an alternative to wood. PVC-U are the typical choice of our customers due to manageability and let’s be honest they are the cheapest choice.
  2. You can get a good percentage of the money spent on windows back when selling your home. Choose the wrong style and they can detract value from your property. The key is to make sure they are in keeping with your home. For instance we have just recently installed some beautiful residence 9 windows for one of our customers who has a stone cottage. These installed with some locally sourced original stone lintels work perfectly with the cottage and look fantastic.
  3. Windows won’t pay for themselves double glazing is twice as effective at maintaining heat and air conditioning as the single glazed units installed just a couple of decades ago and since they make up only a tiny fraction of your building’s exterior they will only produce about 5% to 15% in total energy savings.
  4. There is a reason most companies supply and fit as a package. While it is possible to DIY windows, you may find that it is a bigger job than most expect. We at Cannon even with many years’ experience installing know that the right measurements and experience really does count.
  5. Just because your old windows are drafty or won’t stay open doesn’t mean you have to replace them. Besides, some old houses have beautiful windows that are well worth saving.  Glazed unit which have failed can be replaced easily and with a little tlc and maintenance can be restored to their former glory. For advice on window replacement please contact our office on 0800 859 5181.