Wall Removal Tips

Considering a wall removal project? Here are a few tips to help you get started!

If you are the owner of the property, you are responsible so make sure your builder has complied with these rules.

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When choosing a builder always do the research look for:

  • Recommendations
  • Reviews
  • Ask to look at previous work

Cutting corners when it comes to building expertise will cost you more in the long term and more importantly is unsafe.


Planning permission and building regulations are not the same.

Building regulations are in place to ensure the necessary calculations for any structural work, fire safety details and so on are accurate. All this information can be found online. We do recommend using structural engineer’s or even better find a company like Cannon that are there to oversee the full project.


On submitting your application to building control you will be sent details such as who your appointed Building Control Officer is, what stages inspections need to be made to check building works comply with the building regulations and upon completion arranging to get the work signed off.

Take care in reading the document fully.


  • Weak masonry needs to be rebuilt if steel beams are to be placed there along with padstones if required.
  • Sometimes when carrying out wall removal, you will need to use acro props for support. This is required when there isn’t enough masonry for the building to remain stable. (Your structural engineers should advise you on this)
  • Existing foundations can usually be good enough to support the steel beams, however, the foundations should be exposed and inspected by your Building Control Officer.
  • Ends of steel beams cant be located above lintels, door and window openings.
  • Steel beams should not clash with any existing beams or lintels.
  • The steel beam are to be seated on a large piece of load bearing masonry.

If you have any questions about any of this, feel free to contact our office on 0800 859 5181 to arrange a free survey to discuss your upcoming project.