Dry rot treatment being carried out in Sheffield

dry rotdry rot dry rot Dry rot is a a wood destroying fungus which digests the part of the wood that gives it its strength and integrity leaving timbers in a brown brittle state which is unsafe for any property.

Dry rot attacks the cellulose and hemicellulose’s of the wood to break it down into its sugar components. The sugar were there to produce carbon dioxide, water and the energy for growth, however the lignin is not metabolised and this gives rise to the darkening colour of the wood.

When the wood is broken down and utilised for food shrinkages loss of weight, loss of strength and cracking occur.

It is also shrinkage which causes a typical cuboidal crack of the dry rot and the other brown rots. It is generally the shrinkage and cracking which gives you the first signs of the problem.

What makes dry rot dangerously unique is its ability to progress extensively through a property, destroying the timbers’ natural goodness.

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