Dry rot treatment completed in Sheffield

To eradicate dry rot all affected timbers were removed and replaced with pre-treated timber.

We then treated all remaining timbers at risk of being affected with an effective fungicide.

The plaster to the walls was removed and the mortar joints raked out to a depth of 10-15mm; this helped facilitate penetration of sterilant into the mortar and is key for re-plastering.

Where the dry rot has passed through the masonry, we then isolated using physical containment and masonry sterilisation.

Irrigation by injecting into masonry were undertaken to isolate the outbreak of dry rot by imposing a cordon sanitaire (peripheral irrigation).

Thoroughly sterilizing the surface of walls using a coarse spray (masonry biocide); 3 applications were applied.

Once the walls were treated for fungal growth, a vertical damp proof membrane commonly referred to as tanking was installed.

By installing a new DPM and tanking this will reduce the moisture content within the area.

The type of damp proof membrane which was used is a cavity drain membrane that is fixed to the wall by plugs.

Plasterboards will be fixed to the wall using plasterboard adhesive.

The plasterboard is then skimmed.

New wood work then completed the job leaving this property dry rot free.

If you think your property may be suffering with dry rot contact Cannon on 0800 859 5181.