Damp proof plaster work begins in Rotherham

29th Aug 18 | Back to blog

Here we have taken the plaster off the walls to begin with before treatment can start.

Clients do ask why you cant simply inject the wall with damp proofing fluid and then the water will just dry up, right?… WRONG!


The damp plaster will need to be removed to eradicate any trapped moisture within the substrate.

As a result, it requires hacking off to a height of 1.2 metres because water can rise to this level.

We then chemically inject the walls with a dryzone injection fluid.

The internal side of the wall is ready to be tanked holding any water out of the internal finish.

Next, the wall is skimmed and left to thoroughly dry for the recommended period.

Leaving the walls ready to be redecorated with no chance of the damp reappearing.

For any further information please contact our office.