Dogs sniffing out Damp? Dry Rot Destroyers

02nd Nov 18 | Back to blog

Now dry rot isn’t something you would usually associate the word awwww! with, however today I am about to change that, with the introduction of Dry Rot sniffer dogs.

Dry rot is often identified by a mushroom odour, and by this point is well into it’s destructive phase. Sniffer dogs are specifically trained to identify Dry Rot well before this stage. Over months and months of training the dogs are taught the same techniques as those used by the police. “You build up a dogs hunting ability by making it look for a toy. Then you introduce the scent of dry rot to the toy, and then you take away the toy and work with the actual dry rot in an affected area.”

The most common known use for the Dry Rot sniffer dogs is those working on behalf of the National Trust. With Dry Rot common within older buildings, the National Trust have brought in only the best to ensure that any dry rot is found and repaired.

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Meg – The dog that saved a Belfast Library!

Check out this great article on Meg, who helped save a Belfast Library back in January!


Our office dogs not quite ready to be put to work yet!

This is a specialist type of service provided, so isn’t available everywhere yet (as much as we wish it was) …

Sadly the use of Dry rot sniffer dogs is not something as a company we have introduced…not just yet anyway. I think our office dogs would prefer lounging around being pampered all day rather than being put to work.

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