Free Advice Guides

Free Advice Guides & Advice Guides About Damp Problems Etc

We have created a series of free advice guides from a considerable building knowledge and damp proofing experience. We find that this knowledge is an invaluable resource which we are happy to share with our website users. These free guides cover a range of problems which we have tried to cover as best we can. However, every house is different so if you would prefer to speak to a someone then get in touch or call us free on – 0800 859 5181. Download our free advice guides below to help identify a number of issues you may be having with your property! We hope these guides will give you an explanation about the issue with advice on what to do next.


Woodworm Advice

A helpful guide which will help you identify if you have woodworms and how to treat them.

Types of Damp

Shows a list of different types of damp with an explanation about each.

Property Maintenance

Provides information on how to efficiently maintain your property

How to Spot Rising Damp

Helps you with tips on how you can identify rising damp.

Rising Damp

Provides information on what rising damp is and how rising damp can be treated.


Gives information on what condensation is and how you can attempt to reduce this issue.

Buying a New Property

Provides useful tips on buying a new property.

Breathing Bricks

Gives an explanation of what a breathing brick is and its uses.

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