Penetrating damp – survey in Sheffield

25th Apr 18 | Back to blog

The owner of this property contacted Cannon as they were experiencing damp patches within their home.

Our surveyor diagnosed penetrating damppenetrating damp due to the poor pointing and weathered masonry.

The building is only 20 years old but is north facing and open to the elements.

Penetrating damp is usually caused by structural problems in a building, cracks in the walls, faulty render, guttering or roof problems.

The most common visual symptom of rain penetration is damp patches on internal walls. The damp usual causes any paint to flake or wall paper to peel. However, damp masonry can also result in a wide range of other symptoms including moss and mould growth and rotting of embedded timbers.


If you would like any advice when dealing with penetrating damp please contact Cannon on 0800 859 5181.