John P Trueman

John P Trueman

CEO and Principle Surveyor

John has been working within the remedial industry and surveying property since 1996.
John’s surveying style is to involve his client in any issues that are found whilst conducting the survey. In that way when the report arrives the client has a much better understanding and can relate to the report.
One of John’s fields of expertise is water proofing structures below ground, commonly referred to as ‘tanking’. So if you're wanting any advice about any potential cellar conversion, you can contact John to have a chat about any concerns prior to any site visit.

John is a seasoned property developer and landlord owning many residential and commercial buildings. John’s main clients are developers and landlords that count on John as he looks at projects through the eyes of a surveyor and developer giving investors a real benefit from his knowledge and experience.

Houses of Multiple Occupancy (HMO’s) is another field that John has moved into converting houses into shared accommodation. He happily discusses with fellow investors the ups and downs of HMO investment, sourcing and developing the project for the passive investor. So if this is an avenue that interests you then get in touch with him.
John is able to provide would be developers cost projections and yield on property acquisitions often sourcing the property for his clients.
If you are thinking of entering into the property market, why not arrange a meeting to discuss this in greater detail. John can give you any helpful advice, understand what portfolio you want to create and perhaps find you that property!

John is happily married to Emma and has two small daughters to complete his family.
He is a keen cyclist, enjoys skiing and scuba diving and of course spending time with family.