Cannon Contractors

Cannon Contractors Warranties

Cannon Contractors are extremely confident that any work we carry out is done to the highest of standards.

This confidence allows us to offer warranties and guarantees which will apply to all of the work we carry out. Here is a break-down of the long-lasting warranties that we offer as standard with the work we do:

Damp proof coursing has a 20 year warranty
Waterproofing  has a 10 year warranty
Timber treatments also 10 year warranty
Cavity wall tie replacement also 10 year warranty
Other building work has a varying warranty (Get in touch for details)

These warranties ensure that the work we do to your property will stay satisfactory for the period of time stated. If our work is adversely affected through natural occurrences, we will rectify the problem at no cost to you (terms and conditions apply).

Insurance Guarantees

We have insurance guarantees that are backed by an insurance certificate. Our guarantees are policy specific to your property and last for the period specified in that policy. We also use a UK based insurance company which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. IGL is under regulation by the Insurance Mediation Directive 2000. Some companies offer ‘insurance-backed’ guarantees, but those types of guarantees you get for your property is simply issued by the guarantee company and there is no actual insurance on your property. Should the guarantee company fail to make its annual payment, then even the calamity insurance drops out. Three such “insurance-backed guarantee companies” have gone out of business within the 20 year guarantee period, thus leaving the property owner with a useless piece of paper.

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