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Damp Survey & Damp Treatment

Are you worried that your home might have a damp problem? Do you have dark or flakey patches on the wall? Do you have Black mould or other discolouration? Has your wallpaper started to come away from the wall? Find out here how our damp proofing team can fix this problem permanently without fuss, disruption or permanent mess…

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Cellar Conversions & Waterproofing

Do you have an unused cellar? Is it dark, damp and depressing? Do you need extra space, but don't know where to go next? Take a look at our case studies of homes that we have successfully extended into cellars and you will be surprised how quickly and easily you can expand into space you never knew you had…

Brick Restoration and Wood treatments services

Timber Treatments & Brickwork

Do you have split, cracked or crumbling woodwork? Is there discolouration or mould. Have you got fungus growing or a damp smell? Do you have bulging or cracked walls. Do you have loose mortar in your brickwork or uneven raised roof edges? Our free damp proofing survey is the first step on the road to stopping the rot…

Planning, design and building work services

House Refurbishment & Building

Do you have a project in your mind but can't picture it? Are you thinking of extending but aren't sure how the extra space will work with your home? Are you worried about local planning regulations and form filling? Our plan, design and build service is a one stop shop for that grand design, without bursting the bank…


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John P Trueman

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